Art & Body Studios

Anna Wilinski

 I have been face and body painting for 20 years now, and I am falling in love with the art form more and more each day. Though I have taken art classes, I picked up my skin painting skills through a lot of practice on myself and others.

 I love to interact with people who are ready to do something out of the ordinary.  Face and body art creates a feeling of fantasy and freedom.  Seeing people see themselves in the mirror always gives me those happy vibes. I like that I am able to create designs that are beautiful and ones that terrify me while I paint them. From brainstorming designs, to finding the perfect model, to working with photographers, I love the entire process of creating a living piece of art!

   I am honored to have won many awards with my face and body art. My greatest moment was when I placed second over all at The Face and Body Art International Convention in Orlando in 2007. Recently Santi and I won a contest on a site (  where our  body paintings were incorporated into a banner for their Full Moon contest

   Taking the art form to a place no one expected, I won first place for watercolors by body painting a model at a traditional painting event called Bastille Day in downtown Kalamazoo, MI.

In 2009 I put together a body painting calendar (THE BODY OF ART CALENDAR) with photographer, Pedro de Moraes, to raise funds for his photographic documentary in Africa while he was doing volunteer work for IICD Michigan and Humana People to People. We quickly sold over 700 calendars all around the world to meet our goal before he left.

   I have done promotional body painting events for Sailor Jerry’s Rum and painted at such cool events as Ebony Magazines Black Family Reunion, Orange County’s Persian Festival, WMU and MSU events, Club Bed Black Light Parties, and even private parties for celebrities while living in Los Angeles.  I've painted models for EMU's Fashion Week  runway show. We have been active in the Kalamazoo Art Scene, displaying our work at The Park Trades Center, Bells, The Vine Neighborhood gallery, and Urban Salon.

  To those in the face and body paint community, I am well known as an energetic and creative instructor. I have been teaching face painting at FCM and EMFCM conventions for the past 6 years. I teach pre-convention classes for those who want intensive instruction and hands on learning. In September of 2010 I taught at the Living Canvas Convention in San Jose, CA.

My husband and I make youtube demo videos with 500+ subscribers, run a face and body art blog and have an online store where we  sell professional face paints and supplies to other artists. 

   I graduated from Western Michigan University in 2009 with a Bachelors in Science for Elementary Education. I’m holding on to that degree, but still so focused on my business of spreading paint and smiles around the world, that I am not sure when I will settle down into a “regular” job.

Santiago Massano

I was born and raised in Cordoba, Argentina. I graduated with a degree in Economics in 2008 and came to Michigan to receive volunteer training at IICD Michigan before going to do service in Brazil. I met Anna trough a mutual friend, photographer for the Body of Art Calendar, Pedro de Moraes. We lived together at IICD for six months, were he gave me frequent photography lessons, teaching me how to use my new camera in a studio setting and out in the field.

Anna and I got married in April 2010, and I caught on to her body painting fever. We built a studio in our basement and, together, with our artistic painting skills and my photography, we have been collaborating to create some really amazing images. Actually having painted the models gives me insight on how to photograph the complete design, catching details that might be missed otherwise, and directing the model so that they can bring the painting to life.

In October 2010 we made our first exhibit at the Art Hop in Kalamazoo, MI and it was a total success!